#savetheday : Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer

Unless you’ve been in a well at the bottom of the earth or held captive by the Cult of Skaro, you’ve probably heard that BBC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with a mind-blowing episode. “The Day of the Doctor” airs November 23 2013. It will be “simulcast” ie broadcast in 75 countries at the same time… and (in some places) in 3D. It has been described by one of the producers as “a love letter to the fans”.



Doctor Who: new trailer for launch of Season 7

Brand new DW trailer from the BBC. I’m itching for it to begin. 13 days to go.



Also Netflix now has the Classic Doctor Who on instant play. It’s a sort of mean trick of the BBC to only release one episode (each 4 segments) per season… but they are terrific episodes.


BBC is being very stingy with its DW episodes. I’m expecting a huge re-release for the 50th anniversary to justify the vicious/odd purge of youtube and other sites. If you wonder what I mean google “An Unearthly Child”. That’s the pilot episode of Doctor Who. Youtube has a variety of clips but the segment titled “unearthly child part 2” is impossible to find.