Khan! (Or not.)

The future is a lot whiter than Roddenberry promised. The diversity and multiculturalism that were hallmarks of the original series are  continually under threat of being eroded by its commercial appeal –which often comes with really stupid producers.

Word on the street is that white actor Benedict Cumberbatch is cast as Khan in the new JJ Abrams reboot movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Cumberbatch Khan vs Montalban Khan

For more on this betrayal of fans (and common sense) check out the following blog:

Queen of Comicons: Lee Meriwether

If there is a queen of comicons, it should be Lee Meriwether. Famed for trying to seduce Adam West in Batman the Movie with her kittenish (yet evil) charm, and multiplying herself in Star Trek a deadly (yet sexy) threesome while demanding to “touch” the entire away party, Meriwether firmly cemented herself in the iconography of geekdom wet dreams. Lily Munster? Spy? Icing on the Comicon cheesecake.


Lee Meriwether

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Sorry, Losira. No Sulu for you.

Okay, so for me the best part of this clip is George Takai running away from the sexy alien girl, screaming “Don’t let her touch me, Captain!”

Touchy Losira, the sad siren

Catwoman and the ecstasy meow

Need more catwomen?

Leonard Nimoy sings the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins


Hey Daddio, dig on this. Then let’s you can boogaloo down to IHOP for some shire-inspired breakfast food. (I’ll stay the hell away from that restaurant from hell and all its gluten contaminated quasi-food products and uncomfortable chairs. In fact, I’ll stay right here and play that vid again.)