Steampunk Vaudeville Robot Band? Yes, it’s Steam Powered Giraffe.

A quick youtube search of their name will get you dozens of vids of their comic busking. But I prefer the official high quality videos. Honeybee (not surprisingly sweet) and Automaton-ic Electronic Harmonics (nicely robot-y). Honeybee in particular reminds me of the delicious clockwork version of Close To You(Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?) from the movie, Mirrormask. Included below for your own comparison/enjoyment.


Automatonic Electronic Harmonics.

official Steam Powered Giraffe web site

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From the movie MirrorMask

Mirrormask was written by Neil Gaiman, effects from the Jim Henson Company. If you haven’t seen this movie yet… poor baby.


Robot Mama rules and the boys get an ostrich to dance the robot


The above robot is from Mama’s other day job as a junk artist, rather than a robot blogger and robotophile wrangler. Ostrich not shown.