A Capella Science: Bohemian Gravity

Big shout out to io9.com who saw this first! (And who provides us geeks and nerds with much web-surf-worthy material.) Not so cool is they forgot to mention the name of the mind-blowing grad student. It’s Tim Blais.  Connect with him. Read his master thesis. Though I doubt it’s as much fun as his youtube channel “A Capella Science” and this brilliant send-off called “Bohemian Gravity”.

I’m not quantum theory educated enough to critique what he’s saying… or follow it completely (but the lyrics are on the youtube page if you want to sing along or google the references)… but WHO CARES? It’s hilarious, engaging, well executed, and includes a falsetto-singing Einstein sock puppet.

Anyway… how much of Queen’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody did you understand in the first place? Right. Just enough to sing along -at the top of your lungs.

Tim Blais info below:

BUY THIS TRACK! iTunes: http://bit.ly/1ayyNN2
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Tim’s MASTER’S THESIS: http://bit.ly/195Ojcv

Other projects by Timblais:
Timblais Music: http://www.youtube.com/timblaismusic
Cabin 9: http://www.youtube.com/cabin9music

Professional inquiries: acapellascience [at] snamanagement [dot] com


A Beautiful Thing (when boy meets boy)

Queerly Geek and Geekly Queer, Matt Fishel’s brilliant video to the song “When Boy Meets Boy” has something for every geek. Superheros. Comics. Cheesy lines. Even chibis that level up when in love!

“When Boy Meets Boy” is from Matt Fishel’s debut album Not Thinking Straight.

For the Not Thinking Straight artwork, Matt teamed up with San Diego-based comic book illustrator Joe Phillips (creator of Joe Boys Comics and director/animator of the films Stonewall & Riot and The House Of Morecock). The album art includes 18 stunning original illustrations by Joe, each telling a unique story based on the songs’ lyrics. Joe Phillips also created and directed the wonderful animation video for When Boy Meets Boy, the sixth single from Not Thinking Straight. The single was released worldwide on 3rd June 2013 and includes another fantastic reworking of the song by Matt Pop. The accompanying video is a fun, animated tale of ‘boy meets boy’, with a superhero twist!



“I have a couple of friends who haven’t been able to do what they want artistically because they’re signed to major labels. So, given the choice, I’d rather do it my way,” says British singer-songwriter Matt Fishel.

What is Fishel’s way? After becoming something of an internet sensation, Matt launched his own record label, Young Lust Records. Although based London, he collaborates with artists around the globe. Fishel is repeatedly asked in interviews whether his open sexuality is alienating to straight listeners.

“I’ve always responded to music that’s truthful,” he tells me. “For me I just happen to be gay, out and proud. The songs I write about are all about relationships and experiences that I’ve had. I’ve never been willing to deliberately not write about that or change it to combat what major labels call ‘limiting your mass appeal’.”

“I personally think that attitude is quite patronising to straight people. As a young gay boy I was able to relate to ‘heterosexual songs’ with men singing about women and vice versa. It didn’t stop me liking particular groups or artists.”

Craig Ferguson’s Doctor Who Tribute with Lyrics


Craig Ferguson: Tonight’s show is a little different.
Tonight’s show is about a man who’s not really a man.
He’s a doctor, but he’s not really a doctor.
Like Doctor Phil, but awesome.
Most people in the United States of America have not heard of him.
He’s just like me in that regard.
Who is he? He’s The Doctor!

In 1963 the BBC premiered a show about an alien who traveled through space and time to combat the powers of evil.

Sid the rabbit: He’s a force for good in an otherwise uncertain universe.

Craig: You are correct in your summation of his character my profane rabbit friend.

Geoff Petersen, robot skeleton sidekick: Ooh, tell me more!

Craig: The show has been running in Britain almost fifty years,
with many different actors in the role of The Doctor.

Wavy Rancheros the Alligator/Crocodile: The Doctor doesn’t die he just regenerates.

Craig: The crocodile alligator speaks the truth.
One thing is consistent though and this is why the show is so beloved by geeks and nerds.
It’s all about the triumph of intellect and romance
over brute force and cynicism.
Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism!

And if there’s any hope for us in this giant explosion in which we inhabit then surely that’s it.
Intellect and romance triumph over brute force and cynicism!
Right, Doctor?

The Doctor: Absolutely, Craig!

Leonard Nimoy sings the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins


Hey Daddio, dig on this. Then let’s you can boogaloo down to IHOP for some shire-inspired breakfast food. (I’ll stay the hell away from that restaurant from hell and all its gluten contaminated quasi-food products and uncomfortable chairs. In fact, I’ll stay right here and play that vid again.)