Queen of Comicons: Lee Meriwether

If there is a queen of comicons, it should be Lee Meriwether. Famed for trying to seduce Adam West in Batman the Movie with her kittenish (yet evil) charm, and multiplying herself in Star Trek a deadly (yet sexy) threesome while demanding to “touch” the entire away party, Meriwether firmly cemented herself in the iconography of geekdom wet dreams. Lily Munster? Spy? Icing on the Comicon cheesecake.


Lee Meriwether

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Sorry, Losira. No Sulu for you.

Okay, so for me the best part of this clip is George Takai running away from the sexy alien girl, screaming “Don’t let her touch me, Captain!”

Touchy Losira, the sad siren

Catwoman and the ecstasy meow

Need more catwomen?

The Earth-shaking Ms. Eartha Kitt

“The present without a past has nothing to say for itself.” –Eartha Kitt


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biographical data: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eartha_Kitt

or the pared down (and perhaps slightly inaccurate) official bio: http://www.earthakitt.com/about.html

or jump to Amazon for any of her biographies: Thursday’s Child (1956), Alone With Me: A New Autobiography (1975), I’m Still Here: Confessions of a Sex Kitten (1991)

File:Eartha Kitt - That Bad Eartha.jpg

online radio show in which Eartha’s daughter, Kitt Shapiro, remembers Mama: http://wnsr.parsons.edu/2011/11/02/she-danced-to-the-music-she-heard-in-her-headremembering-eartha-kitt-with-daughter-kitt-shapiro/

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