Toy review: raves for Doctor Who minis


“Let’s Kill Hitler” (Series 6, Episode 8)

Amy: How can we be in here? How do we fit?
Rory: Miniaturization ray.
Amy: How would you know that?
Rory: Well there was a ray and we were miniaturized.


River: Are you serious?
The Doctor: Never knowingly. Never knowingly be serious. Rule 27. You might want to write these down. Oh! It’s a robot. With four hundred and twenty-three life signs inside. A robot worked by tiny people. Love it. But how did you all get in there though? Bigger on the inside? No. Basic miniaturization sustained by a compression field. Oo! Watch what you eat. It’ll get you every time.


Doctor Who Mini Figure Set of 11 Doctors

Doctor Who Mini Figure Set

You don’t have to own a miniaturization ray to get a super (Eccleston voice: FANTASTIC!)  crew for your Lego Teselecta. Fill it (or any bookshelf or other geek altar) with these lovable mini figures. Just one Doctor Who mini figure isn’t enough. They’re like potato chips. Get a full bag: Doctor Who Mini Figure Set of 11 Doctors.

The details on these are amazing. The eyes and eyebrows really give each Doctor their very distinctive Doctor-y look.

You get all 11 incarnations of The Doctor and they are even compatible with LEGO bricks so now you can make your own Doctor Who adventures with LEGO. This set comes in a TARDIS box that has details about each Doctor too.

Doctor Who Mini Figure Set of 11 Doctors

Doctor Who Mini Figure Set of 11 Doctors

  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.
  • Recommended ages: 5 – adult
  • Mini-figures of all 11 incarnations of The Doctor
  • Each figure has a display base so you can line ‘em up on your desk
  • Most figures come with an accessory (usually a sonic screwdriver)
  • Compatible with LEGO bricks
  • TARDIS box has details about each Doctor
  • Dimensions: each minifig is about 2″ tall

They all look so good and just like the Doctors. This set is $39.99 from Thinkgeek.


Nerdy nesting dolls



I think the Doctor Who nesting dolls should have more than the LOTR/The Hobbit nesters. Afterall, bigger on the inside right? Of course, if it was up to me you’d open the first Doctor Matryoshka and they would spill out like Daleks flying out of a void ship.


Anyone got an etsy link to someone selling these? Would be much appreciated.

Robot Mama rules and the boys get an ostrich to dance the robot


The above robot is from Mama’s other day job as a junk artist, rather than a robot blogger and robotophile wrangler. Ostrich not shown.