Geek Loves… is multi-media zine; omnibus of art, videos, blogs, memes, reviews, poetry and essays exploring what it means to be a “Geek” by exploring what a Geek Loves. This is an exploration through celebration rather than examination. Celebrate with us. Love-a-geek. Geek-a-love. A lot. Get your geek love(s) on.



editor and blogger emeritus: G.L. Morrison


Disclaimer: not all of the work that appears on this site is the original work of the aforementioned staff. In some cases, permissions have been sought or procured to create this omnibus of art, videos and blogs we have found scattered all over geekdom and come. In other cases, we’ve pointed the powers that (may) be in the direction of our reblog, review, or homage. In the spirit of internet freedom, we encourage you to use whatever you find here. Please link, reblog, download and circulate as you see fit. We do our best to leave the authors, original sources and creative commons intact. We encourage you to do the same. If you know of the author of an unsigned work, video, quote or meme, please bring it to our attention.


The Management



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