Black Thought bewitches with “Harry Potter Rap”

If you watch Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show (which I don’t) you’ve already seen the amazing suggestion box raps that the house band “The Roots” and their lead MC Black Thought (Tariq Luqmaan Trotter) perform.

If not, prepare to be spellbound by the “Harry Potter Rap”.

(Lyrics by Black Thought)

Lend me an extendable ear, then another ear
Hit the Three Broomsticks, get me a Butterbeer
And I’mma tell ya bout a half-blood wizard boy
This kid Harry Potter from the house of Gryffindor
Magical young man from the badlands
On the run from the Prisoner of Azkaban
‘Ey, Hermione was like his best friend
And his homeboy Ron was his right hand
When students at the school started turning petrified
Harry and the squad knew the way to rectify it
Magic wand golden child on the special side
Play a quick game of Quidditch as an exercise
Harry was humble more in the presence of Dumbledore
But mention Voldemort and it makes him wanna rumble more
In Diagon Alley, on a Universal Tour
See you on the Hogwarts Express — all abooooard!

Grateful shout out to which is where I found the lyrics in print.


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