Bill Nye injured -but with style


What marvelous geekery is this? Bill Nye, the science guy, doing Beethoven cosplay on Dancing With The Stars! Love, love, love him in everything he does and this is no exception. Fiercely funny.

While a fan favorite, Nye has scored consistently low with judges. Unfortunately, the “trip” that his professional dance partner, Tyne Stecklein, mentions (and seen here in this video) during their Paso Doble routine on Monday resulted in a serious knee injury. Not only is it likely to take Nye out of the competition, he may require surgery.


A Capella Science: Bohemian Gravity

Big shout out to who saw this first! (And who provides us geeks and nerds with much web-surf-worthy material.) Not so cool is they forgot to mention the name of the mind-blowing grad student. It’s Tim Blais.  Connect with him. Read his master thesis. Though I doubt it’s as much fun as his youtube channel “A Capella Science” and this brilliant send-off called “Bohemian Gravity”.

I’m not quantum theory educated enough to critique what he’s saying… or follow it completely (but the lyrics are on the youtube page if you want to sing along or google the references)… but WHO CARES? It’s hilarious, engaging, well executed, and includes a falsetto-singing Einstein sock puppet.

Anyway… how much of Queen’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody did you understand in the first place? Right. Just enough to sing along -at the top of your lungs.

Tim Blais info below:

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Professional inquiries: acapellascience [at] snamanagement [dot] com

Mega Girl on power and problem-solving

Mega Girl confesses to her fallen enemy Cleaver how super heroics and super villainy, rather than being at opposite ends of a spectrum, are separated by inches. And the desire to use brute force to solve problems (even at the cost of millions of lives) is always a temptation.

Read more of this brilliant webcomic Strong Female Protagonist.  Written by Brennan Lee Mulligan and drawn by Molly Ostertag. Selected by MarySue as one of the “40 Webcomics You Need to Read”. I put it in the top ten.

Doctor Who: Risk

Musings of a Mild Mannered Man

I found this article quite interesting and am sharing it here for you to muse over. I take no credit for the content of this article.

Forbidden Planet have announced an EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who version of the popular board gameRisk. It’s available for pre-orderHERE and due for release at the end of October, details below.

Earth. Early 20th century. The planet has faced many invasions in the past, but never has mankind faced an assault like this, as multiple Dalek armies descend from the skies, seeking to destroy one another and conquer the world.

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Your 2013 Best Novel Hugo Nominees, In All Their Quiet Dignity


This was before the ceremony, I’ll note. I believe we all survived the night.

Participants, from left: Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon), Kim Stanley Robinson (2312), Seanan McGuire (Blackout, writing as Mira Grant), Lois McMaster Bujold (Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance) and me.

I got this from a tweet by Saladin; the photographer is not named but I imagine it was John O’Halloran, who was the official photographer for the evening. If I am incorrect, someone let me know, please. Credit where credit is due is always nice. (Update: The photographer may have been Philip Peterson.) (Update update:Definitely Philip Peterson.)

Seriously, though. This is the best Hugo nominee picture ever.

Update 5:45 pm:See more Philip Peterson pictures from Hugo Night!

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