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Star trek fan parody: vintage Trek clips set to TiK ToK by Kei$ha


Moffat keeps his promise

In case you haven’t been keep up with the spectacles and debacles of pop culture/sci-fi: BBCAmerica accidentally released season 7 pt 2 BluRays  a couple of weeks early including the episode “The Name of the Doctor”. In that episode, the season finale, the mystery involving Clara (the impossible girl) was resolved and much was speculated as to whether the Doctor’s name would be revealed to audiences. Moffat promised that if the fandom kept the Doctor’s secrets secret (suppressed the release of spoilers and clips, bootleg videos) until after the official TV airing (May 18th) that he would reward viewers with a clip of Matt Smith & David Tennant (Doctors 10 & 11) together.  As hard as the fan lockdown was I think we should be rewarded with a clip of the pair kissing but that’s another fandom (slash) entirely. That’s a promise for Comic-con or Graham Norton to keep. Moffat kept his.


A Message from Steven Moffat

Saturday 18 May 2013, 20:57

 The Doctor Who Team

The Doctor Who Team

Doctor Who’s Executive Producer and lead writer, Steven Moffat.A little earlier, Doctor Who’s lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, gave this thank you message…

Well that was all a bit Keystone Cops, wasn’t it? Our biggest surprise, our most secret episode, a revelation about the Doctor that changes everything…

… and we’d have got away with it too, if we hadn’t accidentally sent Blu Ray copies of Name Of The Doctor to 210 Doctor Who fans in America.

Erm – security-wise, that’s not GOOD, is it? I mean, it’s not top notch, it’s hard to defend as professional level, hard-line secrecy.

My favourite fact is that they’re BLU RAYS. Listen, we don’t just leak any old rubbish, we leak in high def. 1080p or nothing, that’s us. Every last pixel in beautifully rendered detail. It’s like getting caught extra naked.

But here’s the thing. Never mind us blundering fools, check out the fans. 210 of them, with the top secret episode in their grasp – and because we asked nicely, they didn’t breathe a word. Not one. Even Doctor Who websites have been closing their comments sections, just in case anyone blurts. I’m gobsmacked. I’m impressed. Actually, I’m humbled. And we are all very grateful.

Now you might be thinking, what does all this matter? It’s a plot development in the mad old fantasy world of Doctor Who, why is that important? Well of course, it’s not important, and in the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter at all. Just as it doesn’t matter when you’re telling a joke, and some idiot shouts out the punchline before you finish. It’s irritating, that’s all. It’s bad manners.

Well no bad manners here! 210 Doctor Who fans kept the secret, and many, many more fans helped. I wish I could send you all flowers, but I don’t know where you live (and given our record, you really shouldn’t be sharing private information with us.) So instead, if we can get our act together – and I forgive you for thinking that’s a BIG if – there will be a little video treat released later tonight.

10 plus 11 gives you…

That video is available to watch now!

Khan! (Or not.)

The future is a lot whiter than Roddenberry promised. The diversity and multiculturalism that were hallmarks of the original series are  continually under threat of being eroded by its commercial appeal –which often comes with really stupid producers.

Word on the street is that white actor Benedict Cumberbatch is cast as Khan in the new JJ Abrams reboot movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Cumberbatch Khan vs Montalban Khan

For more on this betrayal of fans (and common sense) check out the following blog:

Doctor Who episode leaks out early: exterminate spoilers!

It’s not as much fun to guess now. (Pout.) And I have read some online spoilers. I won’t repeat them and frankly, I choose not to believe them. Reminds me of when the last book of the Harry Potter series was leaked and several idiots took it on themselves to upload their bad fan fiction as if it were the book in question. Until I see it myself, I disbelieve it. All of it. So there.

Steampunk Vaudeville Robot Band? Yes, it’s Steam Powered Giraffe.

A quick youtube search of their name will get you dozens of vids of their comic busking. But I prefer the official high quality videos. Honeybee (not surprisingly sweet) and Automaton-ic Electronic Harmonics (nicely robot-y). Honeybee in particular reminds me of the delicious clockwork version of Close To You(Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?) from the movie, Mirrormask. Included below for your own comparison/enjoyment.


Automatonic Electronic Harmonics.

official Steam Powered Giraffe web site

subscribe to their youtube channel

From the movie MirrorMask

Mirrormask was written by Neil Gaiman, effects from the Jim Henson Company. If you haven’t seen this movie yet… poor baby.

No, she’s not! Shooting down Doctor Who “who is Clara?” theories

First an apology. I know I promised to devote more time and bandwidth to geek loves other than Doctor Who. But the first rule is: The Doctor lies. Apparently it’s contagious. Writing about the Doctor is enough for you to catch the liar-flu. So in my best Ten/Tennant voice: I am sorry. I am so sorry.

  • Apology? Check.
  • Jelly babies in hand? Check.
  • Spoiler alert?

Yes, there will be spoilers ahead. I will compare, analyze, deconstruct and discard trivia from all of the aired episodes, radio/print/web interviews, articles, blogs and forums all over the known whoniverse. All to answer a burning question that will be answered in a week or two. But we’re time travelers. We’re impatient.

When I say we’re time travelers. I mean it. All of us travel in space and time. We just tend to do it slowly and in one direction. Unless you consider memory a form of travel into the past -which I think that head writer/executive producer Steven Moffat does. But that’s another blog for another time.

Who is Clara Oswin Oswald?

She is not who you think she is. More important, my whovian brothers/sisters/and multi- or ungendered folk, she is not who you want her to be. Because most theories about the mystery of the “impossible girl” are just that. Sort of wooly headed wishful thinking that makes me go “WHAT?”

Prime example: Rose. A favorite fantasy of who bloggers is that Clara is the return of Rose. The basic logic of the blogs is “I miss Rose. Maybe she is Rose.” Um, no. No she’s not. Rose exists happily in an alternate universe with an alternate humany Doctor.

But Bad Wolf Rose? The sort of tardis-rose mergy thing that was all powerful. It was everywhere and everything and I didn’t really get that anyway. Couldn’t she be that Rose?

No she’s not. Bad Wolf was an event. And a warning of the event. A recurring theme that implied a destiny and inevitability of events, including Rose leaving the universe (and Billie Piper leaving the show) at Bad Wolf Bay.

If Ten.2 and Rose had a baby, then Clara could be that baby.

No. No she’s couldn’t. First, you’ve been reading too much Twilight and I can promise you that Moffat has not. Second, imagine humany Ten and human Rose have a baby in a parallel universe but an identical timeline. She grows up superfast. She then appears in our world in the Victorian era, current era and distant future. She dies in the past and future where she is buried or blown up but she reappears as an identical woman, the same exact age, the exact same name but no memories of either lives or the Doctor. She is however supplied with family, friends, obligations and all the trappings of “normal life”. Because timelords are like that.

No they’re not. No she’s not.

Give it up, Rose is gone. This is fan-fic narcissism. TV writers can be fans but they don’t as a rule do the mad scientist mesh and merging that happens in slash fan fiction. The character of Rose is distinct and separate. It belongs to the actress Billie Piper. The character of the Doctor is unique in his actor-hopping/regenerative abilities. (Unique in the way that the Master, Romana and all timelords are. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?) But it is clear that each regeneration is a separate new being, an unknown entity, and switching actors is similar to death to the past incarnation. This is as much respect to the actors as the fans. It’s a brilliant bit of television evolution.

If she’s not Rose, maybe she’s River.

No she’s not. All the same reasons above. A River Song without Alex Kingston would be pointless and insulting. Besides we’ve seen her regenerations. Also, River is dead. So not River. Not the child of Doctor and River. Really, stop that. Not Jenny (the child of the Doctor and the Machine). There is nothing timelordy about being dead in multiple centuries but reappearing with the same face and no memories. Timelords avoid dying by changing.

Important point about Clara is that she did not avoid dying. She died and was buried and then the camera pans ahead 100 years and she’s literally walking on her own grave.

  • Clara did die.
  • Clara did not change.

She didn’t change her physical appearance or even her name. Is she related to herself? We don’t know but we can assume if it was something as simple as family resemblance (which has been referred to in past episodes as when the actress Freema Agyeman played a Torchwood employee-turned-cyberman prior to becoming the Doctor’s companion, Martha Jones. “I had a cousin at Canary Warf.”) then the Doctor wouldn’t have had so much trouble finding her again.

What dies but doesn’t? If you’re simply searching the DW canon you’ll find lots more choices than just timelords. One name comes to mind. Rory. Rory died and returned with such consistency that he became like Kenny from South Park: “They’ve killed Rory. The Bastards.” How did he do it? Plasticene duplicate, alternate timeline, hallucinogenic dreamlord, Weeping Angel paradox.

No, I don’t see much Clara there. But wait… what if the weeping angels partnered up with the Silence and have been bouncing her around in time but messing with her memory or maybe she drank tequila made with memory worm… which explains time travel and amnesia but not resurrection. Hmmm.

Maybe she’s a…

No, no she’s not.

The many versions of Clara Oswald

It’s Official: No Classic Doctors for 50th

No Capt. Jack and no reunion of living Doctor actors? No joy in Whoville. I accept that the past “bring the doctors” together has always been a bit of a nightmare for writers but the 50TH! Seriously, they at least owe us some cameos. I find it particularly disheartening as the death of Lis Sladen and the loss of Sarah Jane is still so fresh. Human actors aren’t immortal. Let us love them while we can. C’mon, Moffat, give us something new with our old loves in it.

Read at Joe's

all11docsIt comes as little surprise, but it’s still a crushing blow for longtime fans of DOCTOR WHO: The official word is there will be no classic Doctors in the 50th anniversary story.

We all knew that the buzz was against classic Doctors, but many old-time fans like myself continued to hold out hope that the scuttlebutt was a case of show-runner Steven Moffat lying. But such was not to be. (Caveat: This could still be an elaborate ruse — but it sure as Rassilon doesn’t look that way.)

The authorized, authoritative Doctor Who Magazine carried the official notification that only the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and 10th Doctor David Tennant will be appearing in the story. And, hey, that’s pretty exciting in and of itself. In any other season we’d be shouting from the rooftops that Tennant is back!


But some of us were still…

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