John Barrowman ‘upset’ about Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Color me uberfan and not pleased at the Jack-less-ness. Moffat can make it up to me later by including a story in which Jack fits and flirts prominently with Eleven.


John Barrowman has revealed that he wasn’t asked to take part in the 50th anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who.

The actor, who played Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and its Torchwood spinoff, admitted that he was upset about not taking part.

‘Everyone on Twitter tries to make it like it’s my decision, but the bottom line is I was not asked,’ he told TV Line.

‘[The producers] don’t want to put Jack in it. And I know fans are really upset about it, as was I.

‘People have tried to say it’s my schedule – it’s absolutely not. I was told by the producers of Arrow that if I was asked to do the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who they’d let me go and do it.

‘It was nothing to do with my schedule. It’s just a matter of fact that I wasn’t asked.’

However, it appears Barrowman is being gracious about the snub…

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One thought on “John Barrowman ‘upset’ about Doctor Who 50th anniversary

  1. Reblogging from Metro was a little bit glitchy. That is my only excuse for the repeated comment on a Harkness-free 50th anniversary. (I don’t begrudge the Doctor alone time with River. I also don’t think with he’ll get any. I am looking forward to the Mrs. meeting the non-Pond companion. Especially as I don’t think Clara’s even heard of River. (Think of the moment when Rose told Sarah Jane, the Doctor had NEVER mentioned her… then add guns. Awww, River.)

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