Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat teases River Song return

Color me uberfan and not pleased at the Jack-less-ness. Moffat can make it up to me later by including a story in which Jack fits and flirts prominently with Eleven.


Steven Moffat has teased Doctor Who fans by revealing that River Song will return to the series.

The Doctor Who showrunner was speaking at a Q&A session at Trinity College, Dublin to promote the new series of Doctor Who, which returns to screens on Saturday, March 30.

Announcing that River Song – played by Alex Kingston – will be back in the latest series, he answered questions about the hotly anticipated new run of the hit sci-fi show.

‘Yes. She will certainly be in this series,’ Moffat said.

Moffat first hinted at the return of River Song – an extremely popular character among Doctor Who fans – last summer, telling MTV Geek that he thought the Doctor would come across her on his nighttime trips.

‘I don’t know if we’d be allowed to!’ he said.

‘Heaven knows, I think it’s important that characters keep secrets from their writers, and the…

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