Doctor Who loses a million viewers in a week

DOCTOR Who has shed a million viewers in a week — with last Saturday’s show branded the WORST EVER by disappointed fans.

The latest episode, the second in the new BBC series, was watched by 5.7 million people, compared with the 6.7 million who tuned in at Easter.

The drop is significant for the second instalment starring the Time Lord’s new companion Clara Oswald — played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, 26.

She replaced Karen Gillan and Beeb chiefs hoped she would help lift ratings.

Jenna-Louise Coleman

New face … Jenna-Louise Coleman

Saturday’s episode, The Rings Of Akhaten, was the first written by respected scriptwriter Neil Cross — creator of the awardwinning Luther series.

But despite his pedigree, angry fans took to social networks to complain the show had lost its way.

Helen Paling tweeted: “Just caught up with Doctor Who. Wish I hadn’t. Boring rubbish.” Anna Hough wrote: “Genuinely the worst episode I have ever seen.”

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Thanks to Don’t Blink (one of the DW fan communities on FB) for bringing this my attention. I didn’t need a million viewers to verify what I already thought. See my comments below. I think that the actress brings a lot of possibility to the role –unfortunately, we the viewers like both of her dead characters (the Victorian nanny/barmaid and Souffle Girl/dalek) much more than we like her. While I support the general polyamorous nature of time travel and its explored though not spoken outright in the show, the loss of the Ponds did not include the loss of River Song. So the introduction of a companion who might want to join him in his *snogging booth*, is hurtful and confusing to viewers. I think it shows a general distrust of the current writers as much as dislike of the new companion. I’m hating Moffat for his general disregard for continuity… ie destroying the weeping angels as a brilliant and believable monster for the shits and giggles of having “baby angels” and the Statue of Liberty creature –which served no function than as a visual gag.

Me to DW producers: “Did you forget everything? Everyone? Did you think we wouldn’t notice? Notice that the Tardis has stopped translating so that we can have comic effects like barking aliens? We notice everything. The missing year. Yep, noticed that.

  • G.L. Morrison (Spoiler alert.) There’s not much that would stop me from viewing but I was disgusted with the second episode which I have dubbed “Rings of Whatever”. It was terribly written. It was part Star Wars canteena and part segue to future episodes in which *something* might happen. Anything interesting such as the “psychic” economy and the idea of a vampiric sun, and his monster alarm clock(?) etc were tossed together as sort of throwaway one liners, barely explored as complications and then resolved like a child’s boo-boo; kiss on the knee, all better. Everything was dipped in a pot of blandness. None of it moved the story in any way. It was all big special effects and hinting at, “I have stories I could tell you but they should never be said.” Big special effects? Seriously? You think that’s what impresses us? We’re Doctor Who fans. The lowest budget sci-fi around. Tell us a fricking story not “ooo stories are magic, sorry I couldn’t be bothered to write one.” Just saying. As for Clara, I like the character a lot but the actress admitting she’d only ever seen one DW (the fish fingers and custard episode) did not make her likable in the companion special BBC ran before the show.

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