Got the Doctor’s digits from WHO? (Spoiler alert)

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    In ‘The bells of saint John’, when Clara told the doctor she had gotten the number of some woman when she was out, who was that woman? Personally, I think it was River song… Anyone any alternative ideas?
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    • The Matrix of the Whovians To point out, there are no spoilers in this, it is a hypothetical question for us to discuss
    • G.L. Morrison You forgot to say SPOILERS!
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      • Crazie Flawed Narcissistic-VampDoll There’s no spoilers…hypothetical question
      • G.L. Morrison First the very concept of “spoilers” is that you may be discussing an episode that others have yet to see. To imply that ANYTHING can be discussed without revealing elements of the story is ludicrous. A hypothetical discussion about “which rap star would make the best companion for the Doctor” is spoiler free. What happened in this episode and what do we think it means is not. I’m very spoiler sensitive as I am constantly introducing the series to new viewers who don’t watch it fast enough for me.
      • G.l. Morrison That aside, here are my theories. 1) Whoever it is that gives her the number is out of the current timestream. I like the idea of it being River but if it is her, I suspect she will give Clara the number in a future episode because the Doctor directs her to do so. The Doctor did not know where to find Clara and therefore we must assume neither did any of his friends. He went off to spend time in a quiet room obsessing (at the advice of young Clara) to figure out where she was. 2) The phone box ringing was a surprise to the Doctor himself. “It shouldn’t do that.” And isn’t the St John’s Ambulance sign on the Tardis also new? The last time the phone box rang was in “The Empty Child” (the “Are you my Mummy?”) episode. So what or who can do that? The Tardis herself obviously. But I suspect some yet to be introduced character –in some way connected, allied or opposed to The Great Intelligence and the mystery of the 3 Claras. Why did the lights flicker when Clara kissed the Doctor in “The Snowmen”? There is something unnatural or otherly about Clara. Clara said the number was given to her by “just some woman in a shop” and the way we were shown the comptroller of the Great Intelligence using ALL of the people in the shop, suggests it would be no trouble for a not to distant future Clara (or the Doctor) to hack it and give her the number from literally “just some woman in a shop”.
      • G.l. Morrison Now all the reasons why it can’t be Rose. Rose is too connected to the 9th and 10th Doctors. Mostly she belongs to 10 and the doctor/donna human 10.2. In the Eccleston episodes the Doctor had other flirtations (such as the tree-woman who got burned up) but by the Tennant regeneration, his mopey obsession with Rose kept him from being able to return Martha Jones affections or show anything romantic other than sad longing (with the exception of the nurse when he had his human amnesia while his true self was locked up in the fob-watch). It would have been impossible for episodes like “The Doctor’s Wife” to have been done with Tennant. The chemistry between Clara and 11 is clearly foreshadowed as potentially romantic. Unlike 10, 11 has been shown to marry Marilyn Monroe, hiding naked under the skirts of the King’s wife/mistress, a weekend with Mata Hari, and the despoiler of the Virgin Queen Bess, etc. Eleven and River exchange flirtatious quips about both having kissed Cleopatra… for Rose to return, she will have to come with one or both Tennant characters… which could happen as the classic episodes (three doctors and five doctors and the webisode TimeCrash give precedence.) And not just possible is even LIKELY if the clamoring/rumors for all cast old and new being woven together for the 50th anniversaryness.

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