Another fan video: The Doctor/The Master/Rassilon?

I’ve been watching a lot of DW fan vids this week. A number of them are original creations like The Doctor Puppet or Doctor Whooves. Even more abundant are the vid-mixes… sort of the house v-jay that does a remix of clips from selected episodes to favorite song with the intent that the combination adds dramatic or comic effect. The addition of lyrics may even create a 3 minute novelization based on well-known characters but with entirely different motivations or backstories.

I love a good gay romance even (or perhaps especially) where none was intended.

The Master mixer (pun intended) of these youtube channels is koloSigma1. Often mixing clips with both classic Doctor Who and the modern reboot with some esoteric music, KoloSigma1 has “mastered” the Doctor/Master slash genre. I have filled my personal playlist and watched and rewatched trying to decide on a top 3 (or maybe top 5) to share.

But with a stroke of perhaps regrettable whimsy, the Doctor/Master pairing I’ve decided to offer is none of the above. Instead here is a Time Lord love triangle: simultaneously poignant and silly.




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