Doctor Who: the religion?


As the countdown to season 7 part 2 continues, I was delighted to find The Idea Channel asking important questions such as “Is Doctor Who a religion?” Admittedly, it’s not THE FIRST QUESTION but it is a good one. The high holy days? Season starters obviously. The Children in Need Christmas Specials. And it looks like April 23rd, the doctor’s death date, is setting itself up to be a fan favorite. Called “Silence Day”, “Seen the Silence Day” or just “Tally day”, fans are encouraging each other to go out marked up with tally marks indicating they have seen, and forgotten, the creatures/monsters collectively known as The Silence (even though now we know the silence is a religious order/cult of Who-haters and not a “race” exactly but don’t hurt your head over explaining it to yourself. Just enjoy it.)

Join the tally. Resist the Silence.





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