Watching the clock (DW obsessing continues)

An hour and a half to go… and yes, we have been watching Doctor Who all day. Eyes glued on the countdown clock in the corner of the screen. Every now and then, my girlfriend chortles that it’s like New Year Eve.


Hmmm… yes. But slower. So much slower. I had intended to cross-post this blog to the half a dozen Who groups and community pages I belong to on Facebook. Inviting them to comment and chat about what they are doing to pass the excruciating time. But to make today creep by even more slowly, Facebook is “down”.




Is it too late to get a real life?


Another fan video: The Doctor/The Master/Rassilon?

I’ve been watching a lot of DW fan vids this week. A number of them are original creations like The Doctor Puppet or Doctor Whooves. Even more abundant are the vid-mixes… sort of the house v-jay that does a remix of clips from selected episodes to favorite song with the intent that the combination adds dramatic or comic effect. The addition of lyrics may even create a 3 minute novelization based on well-known characters but with entirely different motivations or backstories.

I love a good gay romance even (or perhaps especially) where none was intended.

The Master mixer (pun intended) of these youtube channels is koloSigma1. Often mixing clips with both classic Doctor Who and the modern reboot with some esoteric music, KoloSigma1 has “mastered” the Doctor/Master slash genre. I have filled my personal playlist and watched and rewatched trying to decide on a top 3 (or maybe top 5) to share.

But with a stroke of perhaps regrettable whimsy, the Doctor/Master pairing I’ve decided to offer is none of the above. Instead here is a Time Lord love triangle: simultaneously poignant and silly.



Meet The Doctor Puppet



Animation artist, Alisa Stern, took the next logical leap when her DW-inspired tumblr went viral and made stop motion adventures for her Doctor Puppet. Ah, talented fan girls make the world go ’round!

Subscribe on youtube and see how the Doctor Puppet saved Christmas

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The Daily Nerdgasm: The Justice League of Pawnee

I thought you’d enjoy something not entirely Doctor Who. So enjoy this reblog from the Daily Nerdgasm while I go watch The Unearthly Child DVD extras.

Artist Vicky Trochez has put together these pop art inspired pics of the cast of PARKS & RECREATION as The Justice League of America. It is just as cool as it sounds even though I think Ben would throw a geek fit to see that he wasn’t picked to be Batman.

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Doctor Who, I love you: sweetest fan pairings

Warning: Spoilers! If you haven’t seen the episodes The Lodger or Closing Time, don’t read any further. Seriously. Bookmark this. Go watch them now (season 7.1 is currently on demand for Comcast captives) and come back. We’ll wait.


Lately whenever I get a little depressed or antsy waiting for the next book, movie or season of my beloved fictional hero to appear, I wander aimlessly through the gardens of fan fiction, comics, art and vids. I love the imagination and passion shared by other folks who love Doctor Who. So inventive. We love Doctor Who. And we’d love to see Doctor Who loving… who?

Sweetest Fan Pairings (part one)


Doctor Who and Craig! 

Unlikely coupling? The entire episode, Closing Time, rotates around the mistaken assumption of onlookers that the Doctor and Craig are lovers. 

DOCTOR: Just keep looking at me, Craig. Right at me. Just keep looking.
DOCTOR: Well, because, because, because I love you.
CRAIG: You love me?
DOCTOR: Yes, Craig. It’s you. It’s always been you.
DOCTOR: Is that so surprising?
(The Doctor puts his arms around Craig’s neck and uses the sonic screwdriver on whatever it behind the definitely not a lift any more scene behind him.)
CRAIG: Doctor, are you going to kiss me?
DOCTOR: Yes, Craig. Yes, I am. Would you like that? Bit out of practice, but I’ve had some wonderful feedback.
CRAIG: Doctor, no. I can’t. I’m taken.
(Craig looks behind him.)
CRAIG: Oh, my God!
DOCTOR: Or we could just hold hands if it make you’d feel more comfortable.

Some more quaint dialogue.

VAL: Hope you don’t mind me saying, Doctor, but I think you look ever so sweet, you and your partner and the baby.
DOCTOR: Partner. Yes, I like it. Is it better than companion?
VAL: Companion sounds old-fashioned. There’s no need to be coy these days.


CRAIG: How do you do that? It’s a power, isn’t it. Some sort of weird alien hypnotic power. I bet you excrete some sort of gas that makes people love you.
DOCTOR: Would that I could, Craig.
(The Doctor looks through a curtain and a woman screams.)
DOCTOR: Er, sorry, Madam. I’d try that in red if I were you.
CRAIG: I’m right though, aren’t I?
DOCTOR: Well, you love me, I’ve never excreted any weird alien gases at you.
CRAIG: I don’t love you. Don’t start that again.
(Alfie gurgles.)
DOCTOR: Yes, I know. Course he does. Of course you do. We’re partners.


In fact, the Doctor uses his employee discount to buy his partner a papoose sling to carry the baby in because Stormageddon thinks Craig is too slow when summoned.

VAL: It suits you.
(Craig has a new shirt.)
CRAIG: Thanks.
VAL: Discount applies to partners.
CRAIG: Great.
VAL: Are you two married then?
CRAIG: No, no. We talked about it, but it’s just a piece of paper, isn’t it?


CRAIG: The Cybermen. They blew up. I blew them up with love.
DOCTOR: No, that’s impossible. And also grossly sentimental and over simplistic. You destroyed them because of the deeply ingrained hereditary human trait to protect one’s own genes, which in turn triggered a, a, a. Yeah. Love. You blew them up with love.

Of course not everyone is as forgiving about the grossly sentimental and an episode that turns out to be as the Doctor predicted when he rang Craig’s doorbell “just a social call”. In fact The Escapist ran a rather unsentimental op-ed entitled “Let’s Kill Craig.”

Madame Vastra and Jenny have so captured fans hearts that there was discussion that they could easily be a spin-off. (This should in no way be confused with something that will happen. Think of them as the Willow and slayer GF of the Whovians: supernatural/alien lesbian crimefighting duos that nearly were.) Seriously though, think of the steampunk possibilities. Swoons a little.

G. L. Morrison

For my lover, S, on the occasion of her 31st birthday: two videos of declarations of interspecies lesbian love and three gems of fan fiction in the Jenny loves Vastra vein.

Dr Who fan fiction

  • Jenny and Madame Vastra. It’s Christmas. What does a maid get the Lizard Mistress who has everything?

  • Lizard woman from the dawn of time and her wife. Jenny thinks of Vastra.

  • The Doctor arranges a getaway for Vastra, Jenny, Capt. Jack and Oscar Wilde

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