Catwomen in Myth and Memory

This page is a work in progress. Be patient, kittens.


  • Sehkmet
  • Bast
  • Bastet

Comic Book S/heroes

  • catwoman
  • omaha the cat dancer
  • the sandman (Bast)

Books (with more words than pictures)

  • the tanya huff novels about the angel that becomes a cat
  • cat detectives and other personified cat narrators


  • Catpeople (the original)
  • Cat People (natassia kinski version)
  • is their catgirl porn? anime? other? (hmmm links to reviews with nsfw and age appropriate warnings)


  • Doctor Who quotes on catwomen
  • episodes in which they appear, the cat nuns
  • the Buffy episode where everyone turns into their costumes
  • Red Dwarf: the cat

Furries, fantasies and costumers

  • cheap and nasty halloween
  • serious scritch-pile kitties

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